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Cornish pasties get protected status


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Cornish pasties have now got protected status under the EU Protected Geographical Indication rules which lay down the composition and appearance of this working man’s delicacy. So, just like Cornish clotted cream, Cornish pasties can only be made in Cornwall.

There are 40 or so British food products similarly protected but we are way behind the French and Italians in this regard.

It is estimated that 87 million pasties are produced every year. From mid-March, when their protected status comes into force, they must have fillings of beef, potato, onions and swede, a light seasoning and no additives or preservatives. They are cooked in a semi-circular shape with a crimped edge and glazed with milk or eggs to give it that golden brown colour.

The pasty was ideal for the miners as it was a self-contained meal which they could easily carry. There are claims that they have found remains…

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6 thoughts on “Cornish pasties get protected status

  1. The best Kibini are in Aukstadvaris (if you haven’t been there yet, you must go) it is a little town in dzukija surrounded by lakes. Best time to go (ofcourse) is summer. By the way I really enjoy reading your blog! I was born and grew up in Vilnius and although now I live in London, Vilnius is still my favourite place 🙂

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