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A butterfly in Tokyo, a 50 ton truck in Lithuania

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Reflecting on events over the last few weeks got me thinking about coincidences, cause and effect, and luck.

I was talking to a colleague who project manages distance learning for a UK Education company. It was just after the Egyptian uprising and he commented that even during the turmoil Cairo University was still communicating with them about the courses.

Then he mentioned that they had just started a similar project in Bahrein. To his surprise I told him it was just kicking off there as well  that very day and I asked if they had any other new contracts in the Middle East. A coincidence maybe but hardly cause and effect you would think. But on the other hand if you think about it more deeply, providing education more widely in countries run by authoritarian leaders might well encourage people to start asking questions.

Next my sister decided to make…

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One thought on “A butterfly in Tokyo, a 50 ton truck in Lithuania

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