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Lithuanians in Charity scams


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The Sunday Times has uncovered a number of scams where gangs collect clothes from the public which are intended for charities but are actually sold at second-hand clothes shops or markets in Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine.

The clothes sell for about £900 per ton and charities such as The British Heart Foundation and The Tree of Hope estimate they are losing millions of pounds each year.

The Sunday Times investigators met with two Lithuanians, one called Algis and his boss Lenny Jurkonis, from the UK Clothing Caravan Ltd (which appears to be connected to SOS Clothes Ltd) based in Essex.

They were offered a 40 ft container full of clothes – which is about 24 tons, once a month. At £1,05 per kilo that would be over £300,000 per year. The Men also explained how they would fiddle the books so no-one knew exactly how…

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Author: mikethepsych

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2 thoughts on “Lithuanians in Charity scams

  1. Can I just point out the some of these criminals copy SOS Clothes ltd name and logo on their bags and leaflets. SOS Clothes is a genuine social business that works/collects in be half of Tree of Hope Children’s Charity to help raise funds for specialist medical care that are not available through the NHS.I agree there are fakes out there but SOS Clothes is not a fake!


    • Thanks HollyDolly for your response which I am happy to publish.
      I am still concerned about this having seen vans with charity logos (although not SOS) in Lithuania unloading at shops and being told by Lithuanian colleagues of markets where previously worm clothes from the UK are being sold.

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