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Health warnings about drinking alcohol


DSCF1470You’ll see this sign warning of the dangers of drinking alcohol and its effect on your health, family, and the community at large in the La Boheme restaurant on Sv. Ignoto g. in Vilnius. Perhaps appropriately given their extensive wine list!

La Boheme is one of my favourite places since I was introduced to it by colleagues at Vilnius University. It’s an economically priced eating place offering good customer service and is popular with families and birthday celebrants as well as a place to eat before you go out clubbing.

It opened in 2008 on the site of a Jesuit church and with its vaulted ceilings and “shabby chic” appearance with friendly staff has a good atmosphere.

One thing you might notice is empty wine bottles on empty tables. It’s how they show reservations with a note of the time stuck in the bottle. If you haven’t got one you can sometimes get a table if you promise to leave before the reservation time.

P1000770But back to the health warning; for those of you are more visual you might appreciate this to be found on the wall in Uzupis not far from the angel.

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2 thoughts on “Health warnings about drinking alcohol

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