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My Journey to Vilnius started in Dublin via Krakow


CNV00011As the Irishman said when asked the way; “well I wouldn’t start from here”. But in 1999, as a psychologist with a law degree, I was in Dublin with my partner attending a conference run by the European Association of Law and Psychology (EALP). And a great time was had by all!

The next couple of annual conferences weren’t that great by comparison so it wasn’t until they announced that they were running one in Krakow in 2004 that we decided to go again.  CNV00015

I couldn’t speak any Polish apart from hello, yes, no,  and how much, and thank you (which I realise sounds like stag night vocabulary) but I counted on my Ukrainian and Russian-speaking partner being able to navigate our way if we met people who didn’t speak English. There were very few but older people in cafes and shops sometimes  chose not to understand us until we attempted Polish.

CNV00010_1Anyway the conferences was great, the people friendly, the beer and vodka excellent (I’d been in training in Ukraine for the drinking) and there were some beautiful buildings in the Old Town, a World Heritage site, apart from Wawel Castle and the town square. Krakow as a settlement goes back to the stone age and was capital of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1569-1596 when it moved to Warsaw. It is now the second largest city in Poland.

At the end of the conference they announced that the next one would be held in Lithuania, a Baltic country which the organisers said had much to offer. We had enjoyed ourselves so much (and obviously learned a lot from the conference – did I mention that?) and although we knew nothing about the country we decided to attend the 2005 conference in Lithuania.

CNV00007So we went to Lithuania. It was in July and it was raining – like being back in England! But it was quite a welcoming place with a lot of cafes and bars to shelter in.

CNV00008_2And once the weather cleared it was great to be able to walk round the city with ease and see some wonderful sights with some obvious renovation work taking place at the cathedral.CNV00007_5

And so it began. An ongoing affair with a small Baltic country with a unique language, lovely people, great beer (and the vodka’s not bad either) some interesting customs, and wonderful architecture. I could go on, and I will in this blog! CNV00021_2

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4 thoughts on “My Journey to Vilnius started in Dublin via Krakow

  1. Nice rooftop shot of Vilnius………….taken from the Castle?

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