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Sękacz and other vegetarian local delights

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I remember eating these in Kaunas at a university party

Under the linden tree

We had a visitor last week and it gave me to think what vegetarian guests may try and take back home from our local kitchens. For sure the most popular is a cake called Sękacz, but our guests enjoyed Soczewiaki very much.
Soczewiaki is an old Polish regional dish, popular on the Polish-Lithuanian border, a kind of roll with potato dough, stuffed with minced green lentils.
Another popular local sweet is Mrowisko /Anthill/ – regional cakes typical of Lithuanian cuisine, which is characteristic of Podlasie. They are like Angel wings dipped in honey and sprinkled with poppy seeds and raisins.
On the end our guest decide to take back home to Switzerland very nice lithuanian bread baked in Punsk
 Sękacz (German Baumkuchen, Prügelkrapfen, fr. Gâteau à broche)  is a pastry dough baking sponge-fat, roasted over an open fire on a rotating spit in the shape of a wooden…

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One thought on “Sękacz and other vegetarian local delights

  1. These sound worryingly similar to ceppellini!

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