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Švyturys Beer…………..from Klaipeda


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As a regular beer drinker I am forever searching out “new beers” and in recent months have tasted beers from Cumbria, Yorkshire, Devon and Scotland.


Each has their own distinct taste and it is a pleasure to experience the differences in regional products.

On my numerous visits to Lithuania I have become a fan of Svyturys beers and until a little while ago could obtain one of these at Tesco here in Yorkshire. But alas, no more………they have disappeared from the shelves without any “rhyme or reason.”

I asked inside my local store but no one could offer any explanation for the disappearance other then “they have reviewed the beers we sell and cut down on the number.”



Anyway, all is not lost as a friend of mine has “sourced a supply” of the said beers and our supply arrived this last weekend.

Svyturis do a range of beers but I…

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