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Lietuva Culture……….the accordian becomes “cool”

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Martynas Levickis, just 22, is determined to overcome prejudices about the accordion.

accordionist Martynas Levickis
Youthful advocate: accordionist Martynas Levickis Photo: Decca
If you wanted to launch yourself as an accordion player, it’s hard to think of a worse country than Britain in which to do it. In other parts of the world the accordion is associated with tango, klezmer, zydeco or (in Austria) Schrammelmusik, but for the British listener, it probably suggests cartoon Frenchmen in berets or being badgered for tips in a Greek taverna.

Martynas Levickis (properly pronounced “Levitskis”) understands this all too well. “I completely agree with this statement,” he declares. “As somebody just said to me, ‘If you make it in England you’ll make it everywhere else’, so I’m looking forward to making it in England. I don’t think the accordion has ever been popular in England, but why shouldn’t it be?”

Although he’s from Lithuania, 23-year-old Martynas has gathered…

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One thought on “Lietuva Culture……….the accordian becomes “cool”

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