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Lazdynų Pelėda – Sisters


Lazdynų Pelėda (Hazelnut Owl) was the shared pen name of two Lithuanian sisters, writers: Sofija Ivanauskaitė-Pšibiliauskienė (1867–1926) and Marija Ivanauskaitė-Lastauskienė (1872–1957).

Similar to Žemaitė in some ways, they were born into a family of Polish-speaking nobility in the village of Paragiai in northeast Lithuania (where there is now a museum in their honour).
Their stories were written in Polish by Marija and then translated into Lithuanian by her sister Sofija. After Sofija died Marija wrote in Lithuanian with help from her daughter.

The sculpture looks Egyptian in style and is officially known as Seserys (Sisters) and is the work of the sculptor Dalia Matulaitė and the architects Rimantas Buivydas and Juras Balkevičius and was unveiled in 1995 in Karmelitu & Arkliu, Vilnius.

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5 thoughts on “Lazdynų Pelėda – Sisters

  1. KLAIDA!
    Architektas Jūras Balkevičiaus ne Pankevičius

    • Aciu

      According to official Vilnius tours site it’s the work of the sculptor Dalia Matulaitė and architects Rimantas Buivydas and Juras Pankevičius.
      Isn’t Balkeviciaus a writer?

    • I searched again a found a reference on gen4trip website that said: “On the creation of the sculpture worked architects Rimantas Buividas and Juras Balcanicus and sculptor Dahl Maturate”

      Juras’ name not spelt as you did but is it right?

  2. There is a mistake in authors names. Sculptor: Dalia Matulaitė. Architects: Rimantas Buivydas and Jūras Balkevičius. If You will need more information about this object- please contact me.

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