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Pinavija – my favourite Kibinai cafe in Vilnius


P1010213I know I’ve mentioned eating kibinai more than once and you don’t have to go to Trakai to get some good ones.

Over the last couple of years you can get them in many cafes, even from a mobile van outside VCUP.

My favourite however is the one on Vilniaus g. (which runs off Gedimino pr. near the Novotel Hotel).

A family-run business, it opened a couple of years ago as Kibini Inn but is now called Pinavija.


Kibinai were traditionally stuffed with mutton or beef, but here you can get them stuffed with pork, beef, chicken, or turkey and even veggie kibinai.

Prices are between 6.5 and 7.5 Litas each i.e. an average of £1.75.

P1010216The cafe doesn’t just sell kibinai. Apart from soup and freshly pressed juice and coffee there is a good range of  wonderful cakes and gateaux.

It gets busy at lunchtime but the bakers keep churning out fresh kibinai. They don’t stay on the  shelf for long!


There is also a children’s play area at the back.


And if you are having a celebration, they will cater for you. As they say “delicious baking for your celebration”

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