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DSC00959This statue of Elektra is at the top of what is now the Energy & Technology Museum at the corner of Rinktinės  g. and Žvejų g. as you cross over the Mindaugas Bridge.

She stands holding an electric light in one hand with her left hand stretched out as if to say “behold, electricity“. The man at her feet is shielding his eyes from the glare even as his torch becomes useless.

The original statue was destroyed in 1957 in soviet times but reconstructed by sculptor Petras  Mazuras in 1994.

It’s on top of the building with the date 1902 on the plinth. The building was formerly Vilnius Central Power Plant which was commissioned into operation in 1903 and delivered electricity to Vilnius until 1998. At the time it was built it was one of the most modern plants in the Russian Empire.

DSC00961It had survived WWI but was destroyed by the Nazis. It was later re-constructed albeit with different windows. The architect is thought to have been Boleslovas Balzukevicius who designed the original statute. A campaign began in 1999 to preserve it as part of Lithuania’s cultural heritage and in 2003, on its hundredth anniversary, it was opened as the museum.

There is a yard at the back which you can enter from Žvejų g. which houses old turbines and a model of an electricity pylon.

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