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Silver Craftsman in Vilnius


DSC01217Lithuania and the Baltic region is famous for amber but you won’t find any in the terra recognita galerija on Stiklių street in the old town.

What you will find is fine silver work combined with local stones from the Baltic area.

DSC01197DSC01205The larger-than-life silversmith and proprietor Saulius Vaitiekunas was happy to invite me in and show me around his silver-themed gallery.

DSC01210DSC01211As you can see from the glass cases there are many small items combining stone or flint and silver but it was the larger pieces which caught my eye.

DSC01213Most of these are not for sale but exhibition pieces.

The items for sale are not cheap but you are paying for unique pieces superbly crafted.

So if you want something special you know where to go!DSC01198

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6 thoughts on “Silver Craftsman in Vilnius

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  4. I was lucky to find this shop while walking from my hotel. The work is beautiful and unique and the sales support excellent. An adjustment for a ring was done the same day. My favorite take home remembrances for my trip.

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