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Lithuanian Beer


P1010196This advert is to be found on the wall next to the Old Green House restaurant on L. Stuokos-Gucevičiaus street in Vilnius.

This one of the few restaurants I haven’t yet visited and is a beer restaurant and I assume the advert is a reproduction of an old beer advert as it looks staged.

Not sure what brand of beer it is but there are so many good Lithuanian beers to choose from

Author: mikethepsych

He says he's a psychologist but aren't we all?

7 thoughts on “Lithuanian Beer

  1. I can’t believe it! That’s where I had dinner the night before leaving. Nice atmosphere. I tried their šviesus brew and it was really good 🙂

    • I must be psychic Sara. Glad you enjoyed it because it’s had mixed reviews on Trip Adviser (not that I believe everything I read on there).

      • Yep, you must indeed 😉
        Well, as far I’m concerned, the food was good, the beer was good, the service fast and the price very reasonable compared to UK standards. It felt like a cozy wooden / tavern / pub-like place with a nice fireplace and music. We were a group of 10 and everyone seemed happy. Also, it was a week night and we had to book. There were just a couple of smaller tables left when we arrived.

      • Thanks for the review Sara. It sounds like the place to go in Winter when my next trip is planned.

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