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Keeping your feet warm


I’ve been to Lithuania several times in the Winter and the weather is fine for me, even with deep snow. It doesn’t have that damp coldness we have in North West England.

(For history buffs the damp is why it was perfect for the cotton industry when Lancashire dominated the world with its cotton mills, But that’s another story).

I’d read in one of the Sunday newspaper magazines about felt boots but never seen any. Then there I was shopping in Stiklių street when I saw a felt shop. They had everything made of felt, clothes, handbags, and boots!

So I tried on a pair and bought them. They weren’t cheap – 260 liras – but probably what you’d have to pay for some decent weatherproof shoes or a pair of good trainers.

P1010630 P1010633I wore them in the house that Winter (they have a rubberised sole so you could wear them outdoors) and was toasty warm and I’ve worn them each Winter since. And it’s time to get them out again.

I went back on my next visit to buy some more but the shop had moved, to be replaced by the Mamma Mia delicatessen.

FYI Felt is cloth made from sheep’s wool which has  excellent thermal properties and has been used for centuries (apparently the earliest example of a felt article is from Asia in 600 BC).

Author: mikethepsych

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3 thoughts on “Keeping your feet warm

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  2. No man should be without a pair………………

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