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Where in Europe do people attend most classical concerts?

Not Germany.

Not Austria.

Not Russia.

A Eurobarometer survey asked: How many times in the last 12 months have you been to a concert?


The highest concert attendance was in Sweden, with 61 percent of respondents have been at least once. Next was Denmark.

Here’s our chart:

1 Sweden (61)

2 Denmark (60)

3 Latvia (55)

4 Estonia (54)

5 Austria (52)

= Luxembourg (52)

7 Lithuania (51)*

= Netherlands (51)

9 Finland (47)

10 Germany (45)

The UK languishes with 36 percent. Portugal was bottom of the table with 19%, just below Poland and Greece.

* As a regular visitor to Lithuania I have attended a good number of concerts and operas in the capital Vilnius and they are always very well attended with age ranges from young children to people of more mature years.

Source: Norman Lebrecht Website

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