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I like Lithuania – a visitor's point of view

The Genocide Museum, Vilnius………a detailed history, well almost.

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After visiting Lithuania for the past 8 years, making about 34 trips I finally got around to visiting the Genocide Museum in March 2014. It is difficult to know what to expect from such a museum but I would strongly recommend a visit to any visitor to Vilnius.


I made the mistake of going straight down to the cells, viewing the interrogation and the execution rooms before returning to the ground floor to tour the various rooms of the exhibition, I would recommend that you do it the other way round so that what you see downstairs has a context.


Lithuania has a long and complex history and  the issue of the mass murder of Jews in Lithuania during WW2 is mentioned, including the collaboration of Lithuanians in the mass killings but is passed over very quickly. It is easy to be judgemental on this issue but it is to the…

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One thought on “The Genocide Museum, Vilnius………a detailed history, well almost.

  1. Hi Michael , I too have visited that museum on one of my trips, so sad. Mona

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