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Literatu gatve……….wonderful public art

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Hope you’re not tempting fate with your reference to “no graffiti” here! This street has really developed its collection since it first started when Vilnius was the European capital of culture in 2009.

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On my wanderings around Vilnius “old town” I often walk down Literatų str. which is situated very close to the main street Pilies str. and is one of the attractive tourist places.


Artworks mounted on the walls of the Literatu street (Literatų gatvė) dedicated to the world of literature and includes writers, translators and everyone who has link with Lithuania and is important for Lithuania and world literature.


The project started in 2008 and is purely a private social initiative: authors donated their works WITHOUT ANY PAYMENT (despite the economic crisis at the time), sponsors donated for renovation of the wall, mounting works.


Over the last 6 years the site has expanded with more and more artworks on display and it is obvious that the people of Vilnius are very proud of this artistic project. What is interesting is that despite graffiti being a “plague” around the city no one has desecrated this…

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