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And did those feet …. 25 years ago


DSC00066Walking to the end of Gedimino pr towards the cathedral you cross the road and the cathedral bell tower is on your right.DSC00323_copy

Look down and you will see this pair of footprints. They weren’t there last year so I asked the helpful staff from the National Museum who look after the bell-tower visitors what they represented.

They were put there to mark the 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way, the 2 million strong human chain which stretched from Vilnius to Tallinn on August 23rd 1989.

Lithuania has come a long way in those 25 years and it started here.

I’ve blogged about the Baltic way before and my colleague has also done a piece about this too here.

And without giving too much away it’s not too far from the Stebuklas MiracleTile

Author: mikethepsych

He says he's a psychologist but aren't we all?

4 thoughts on “And did those feet …. 25 years ago

  1. I always enjoy what you post

  2. Hello, nice site here 🙂 I have lived in Vilnius for months but never noticed this memorial. By the belfry I only know the “lucky” one on which we should turn.

    Otherwise, I saw the exact same in Riga near the McDonald. I keep searching in Tallinn but I think that it doesn’t have any.
    It is here :

    • Hi and thanks for your comments and the update re the memorial in Riga. I’ve visited Estonia a couple of times (via Ferry from Helsinki) but not yet made it to Latvia. It’s on my list though!

      Thanks again

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