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Piccolo Canopi

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Great to see it’s still going strong after 5 years (see my posts on it).

When I’m in Vilnius I stay round the corner at the Shakespeare Hotel so I’ll be there on my next trip later this year

hello vilnius

Great food. Cozy interior. Slow & easy. It all comes together in Piccolo Canopi, the smallest restaurant I’ve ever been to. Definitely a hidden gem of the Vilnius old town.

Tucked away in the narrow Bernardinu gatve, the place is so discreet that we missed it the first time we came. Look for the carved, wooden horse above the entrance- it used to be an antique shop and the new owners kept the sign. Inside: two small rooms & an open kitchen. We counted four or five tables and one owner managing it all: waiting on tables, cooking your meal right in front of you, washing the dishes. Feels like you’ve just been invited over for dinner at a friend’s house.

There is a couple of starters, mains and desserts to choose from, written on a chalkboard menu on the wall . We had a first class, authentic homemade lasagne, a delicious caprese salad and… some pasta with butter…

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