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Come to Naujoji Vilnia and see the old Posselia Factory


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During me recent trip to Vilnius I had arranged to go on a “photography expedition” with my good friend and colleague Antanas (or the man of a thousand cameras as he is known to his friends). My two previous outings with him had involved visiting a very old cemetery and a part of Vilnius at the end of Gedimino g. with some very interesting housing, both very old and some new.

He knows that I am interested in old industrial buildings and steam trains so I was keen to find out what he had in store for me on this visit. On this outing our friend Renata had come along to supervise and keep us in order and to correct any facts that we may get wrong during our discussions.

We met outside the cathedral and then caught a trolley bus eastwards out of Vilnius to what I was told was…

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2 thoughts on “Come to Naujoji Vilnia and see the old Posselia Factory

  1. Interesting factory and place itself!

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