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Wedding Parties in Uzupis

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Whilst making my way down to the river that runs alongside the independent “nation” of Uzupis last Saturday I came across a wedding party that was braving the elements on one of the bridges across the river.


Uzupis is exclusive, most unusual and most bohemian neighborhood in Vilnius. Uzupis residents safely say that it is a country in the country. This tiny area of the town, with the spirit of romance, booming tolerance hovering in the air, abundance of creative energy, flows of inspiration, creates true art and breaks all, even the smallest, stereotypes.


The Uzupis name means “beyond the river” and is protected by Vilnelė River that encircles it. This tiny district has as many as seven bridges leading to this spot of art and romance. When visiting, a viewing of the impressive Uzupis bridge with hundreds of small padlocks is essential viewing. They are brought here…

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