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The horse museum (Arklio Muziejus) at Anykščiai 

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A trip to a horse museum (Arklio Muziejus)? How interesting can that be? Well very as it turned out.

It was a fascinating experience with its collection of horse-drawn vehicles and craft workshops.

So heading North-East on a 110 km trip through Ukmerge (famous for the song about the plumber) and towards Panevėžys.

First we visited  the collection of horse-drawn vehicles of various types including a fire engine

Then we had an opportunity to bake some bread, guided by a very competent looking lady, which we took home to eat.

Then into the craft area where we were given the chance to make a copper ring in the traditional way.

We also polished a piece of amber.

Amber doesn’t come out of the sea all honey coloured but as a dirty grey piece of what looks like stone. Only after rubbing hard with an emery board does it gain its lustrous warm sheen. Quite hard work.



This was a really interesting visit. Did I mention I actually got to ride a horse?



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One thought on “The horse museum (Arklio Muziejus) at Anykščiai 

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