Man patinka Lietuva

I like Lithuania – a visitor's point of view

Background to this blog

100_1023_2This blog contains my personal views of Lithuania based on  visiting and working there since 2005 and attempting to learn the language.

Many thanks to my language teachers Sigita (at VDU in Kaunas) and Loreta and Beata in the UK. Also my friends and colleagues in Lithuania who have put up with my attempts to speak Lithuanian and encouraged me. One of my UK teachers said my language was good enough that I wouldn’t starve in a village. I take that as a compliment!

Thanks also to contributions from a “fellow traveller” blogging as “kindadukish

7 thoughts on “Background to this blog

  1. Ver happy to have found your blog and will follow with interest 🙂


    I came across your blog and learned that you live in Vilnius. My company publishes an iPhone app consisting of self-guided walking tours in Vilnius. However, these walking tours were compiled three years ago and some of the information may be out of date. We are looking for people who currently live in Vilnius to review the tour content and give us feedback.

    Would you be interested in reviewing our walking tours in Vilnius or posting a “Look for reviewers” announcement for us in your blog? We offer reward to people who send us feedback. The reviewers will receive gift codes for our iOS walking tours apps. Each gift code is good for a free walking tour iPhone app download, normally priced at US$4.99. We have walking tour apps covering all major cities in the world.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Xena Copilova

  3. Very nice blog. Happy I found it. I will be visiting Vilnius on a very short business trip this autumn and I hope I will have a bit of spare time to wander around this beautiful town. Thank you for sharing your views and photos.

    • You will enjoy Vilnius. The trees look great as the leaves turn. Glad you like my blog; I have lots more material and on my trip last month checked out some new restaurants so please have another look before you go.

  4. Hi there. Just came back the other day and I really loved my short visit. I definitely need to go back on holiday to have more time to explore. Really lovely town and welcoming atmosphere! 😀

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