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I’m just singing in the rain…………… Vilnius (or six days of virtual non stop inclement weather)

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At the beginning of October I returned to Vilnius with my friend and colleague Mike (who had not visited for a couple of years because of illness) and we were both looking forward to visiting some of our old haunts, including Bistro 18, the Kitchen and the finest steak house in the city Markus ir Ko. In the latters case I have to report that although the food is still as good the, customer service still leaves a lot to be desired. I think it is something to do with it being a “pub” atmosphere and all male staff (an occasional smile wouldn’t go amiss). There is however, on selected night an excellent jazz pianist who is extremely talented and on the last visit did a magnificent improvisation on Billy Strayhorns “Take the A Train”

IMGP2157.jpg The Hill of Three Crosses in autumn

Anyway, we spent six days in the city…

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Vilnius re-visted…………..

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After a gap of eighteen months I made my thirty something trip back to Vilnius in April 2016. I had been invited to do a presentation to the HR Group at the Danish Chamber of Commerce (thank you Finn for your excellent hospitality) and decided to stay a few extra days to see old friends and colleagues from Vilnius University as well as visiting some of my favourite haunts in the city.

Of course my first port of call after arriving in Vilnius in the early evening was a walk around Cathedral Square to take in the majesty of Vilniaus Šv. Stanislovo ir Šv. Vladislovo Arkikatedra Bazilika (perhaps better known as “the white cathedral”).

Over the next few days I walked to the castle on the hill, to get some wonderful photographs across the city and looking along the River Neris, did a tour of what were the Jewish ghetto’s in…

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The “Met” go wild in Vilnius……………..

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View of Vilnius from the Castle View of Vilnius from the Castle

As a lover of Lithuania, its people and its culture I often despair when I read the British newspapers and see stories of Lithuanians who have been convicted of a variety of criminal offences, everything from petty theft, brewing illegal “hooch” to serious cases of murder. It gives a distorted view of a wonderful country and an unwarranted reputation.

Well, it seems that we here in the UK are capable of shipping some of our miscreants in the other direction, given the report below. It is bad enough that they were British, but even worse they were police officers………….word fail me.

Seven police officers have been arrested while on holiday in Lithuania following a brawl. Scotland Yard said the Metropolitan Police officers were detained in Vilnius, the country’s capital, and are under investigation.

The Sun newspaper reported the men were in Lithuania for a stag…

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Trakai Castle: Lithuania’s Medieval Capital

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My own posts on Trakai are here and here

Lost Postcards

IMG_0384Trakai Island Castle was one of the sites I wanted to visit the most on my first excursion to Lithuania. Trakai was at one time the capital of Lithuania and served as a major center for the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Lithuania only ever had one king and then was ruled by dukes onward). The castle was first built in the 14th century and is unique as it sits on a small island in the middle of Lake Galve. Trakai Castle’s location gave it strategic importance during wars and military campaigns as it was very difficult to capture.

The castle unfortunately fell into disrepair sometime after the 17th century and it wasn’t until the late 19th century that preparations were made to start restoring it. It took over a hundred years to complete the restoration due to both world wars and funding. The restoration was complete by the early 1990s…

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Uzupis………you never know what to expect!

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On my numerous visits to Vilnius in Lithuania I always find time to wander round the bohemian quarter called Uzupis which is sometimes compared to Monmartre in Paris or Christiania in Copenhagen.

We only eat apples………. We only eat apples……….

On my most recent visit in September 2014 I came across toilets placed in the middle of the river (living art), photographs placed along the river sides as well as one of the funniest signs I have seen in a long time concerning apple eaters.

A bit chilly to the cheeks……….. A bit chilly to the cheeks………..

Užupis is a “republic” of artists. It has its own anthem, constitution (which is one of the funniest documents you will ever read!), president, bishop, two churches, one of the oldest graveyards in Vilnius (Bernardine Cemetery), seven bridges, and a guardian (the bronze angel of Užupis). The constitution of the Republic of Užupis is displayed on a fence at the beginning of Paupio Street…

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Now what’s Lithuanian for another bottle of Gran Coronas………………….

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I observed this gentleman at a restaurant in Vilnius, he seemed to be brushing up on his Lithuanian whilst indulging himself in a very fine steak and a bottle of Miguel Torres excellent Gran Coronas red wine. Obviously a man of erudition and taste……………and most certainly English!

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