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I was in Vilnius and I heard Lily was here

2 Shades of Grey

Walking through the back streets of Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, on my last visit I heard the strains of “Here Comes the Rain Again“. It sounded like the Eurythmics but not quite them.

DSC00256On my way back I heard it again and realised it was coming from an artist’s studio. I went in and met Cica, the artist, playing a vinyl record by Dave Stewart and Candy Dufler over and over again, particularly the haunting track “Lily was here”.

As we chatted about his art, his visits toLondon, his disillusionment with the way things were being run in Lithuania, and his aspirations for a better Lithuania for his children he just kept re-playing this track. It got into my head. I knew I knew the tune but where from?

DSC00262He called me Big Mike, offered me a coffee and his philosophy on life and…

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Russian speaking buskers sang me a Ukrainian folk song

I’ve posted about street musicians in Vilnius before and actually mentioned these musicians but I’d mislaid my video film until now.

After chatting to them they were kind enough to perform a Ukrainian folk song I’d been taught by my friends in Ukraine when I visits it several times a few years ago.

Given everything that is happening over there now I thought it was worth posting this.


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Turkish Delight – memories of Summer School in Kaunas

Those 5 weeks I lived and studied in Kaunas were memorable for many reasons not least the diversity of the students, mostly on Erasmus programmes.

The two Turkish agricultural management students enlivened the International party with their dancing skills.

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