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Beer restaurant on Gedimino pr. in Vilnius …. plus ça change

One of the first restaurants we visited in Vilnius over 10 years ago was the beer restaurant on Gedimino pr. not far from the cathedral square. You couldn’t miss it with the statue in the entrance. Was it the pagan beer goddess Ragutiene?

You had to go down the steps, past the microbrewery paraphernalia on your left to enter the main room with smaller side rooms off to the left where we preferred to eat, usually at lunch time.

Not only did it serve a great range of beer from its microbrewery but also good food including beer soup!


We also liked the ambience with all the beer posters on the walls in the side room.

The main room is big and one evening we were there hosted a NATO conference meal for delegates at the Lietuva Hotel (now Radisson Blue) along the riverside (somewhere we used to stay until we found the Shakespeare Hotel in the Old Town). I’ve never seen so many top brass, gold braid and fancy hats.

There are so many restaurants to choose from in Vilnius so we don’t notice until a few years later that it had changed its name to Prie Katedros i.e. near the cathedral. Fortunately it was still serving the same kind of food and beer.



Then last year a new sign appeared: “Craft and Draft” obviously cashing in on the demand for craft beer. And all the signage was in English, a trend I noticed in a few places in the city.

I also noticed the statue had disappeared – perhaps too raunchy for the artisans crafting the beer. A shame really and I didn’t get a chance to check if the food is still as good. Perhaps next time?


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We might want out of the EU but we still love you and your beer!

We may have Brexit but we can still love our friends in the EU.

And when it comes to beers I like some Polish beers, German beers, Belgian beers, even Icelandic beer but most of all Lithuanian beer – especially Švyturys which is brewed in Klaipeda and the brewing of which was considered a community service!


And a shot of vodka doesn’t go amiss either. As my Ukrainian friends say (and the Russians and the Lithuanians) “beer without vodka is money in the wind

Lithuanian beer in my photo sourced by my fellow blogger and frequent visitor to Lithuania, Kindadukish.

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The Church of St Parasceve in Vilnius

DSC00220DSC00268This attractive little Russian Orthodox Church, the Church of St Parasceve (or Piatnickaya in Russian) is situated at Ribiskiu Didzioji 2 behind the outdoor market place at the top of Pilies g.before it becomes Didžioji g. and seems to be in regular use.


It has been rebuilt several times and has an interesting history some of which is described on the plaque outside the church.

In the early 1960s it was used as a Lithuanian Folk Art Museum.

The Soviet regime wanted it to be a Museum of Atheism (they liked to disparage religion in their soviet republics) although in this case it might have been appropriate as the church is said to have been built on the site of a temple to the pagan god Ragutis, one of three gods associated with beer and brewing in the Baltics.

It was reconsecrated as a Russian Orthodox church on 31 May 1991.




Lithuanian Beer

P1010196This advert is to be found on the wall next to the Old Green House restaurant on L. Stuokos-Gucevičiaus street in Vilnius.

This one of the few restaurants I haven’t yet visited and is a beer restaurant and I assume the advert is a reproduction of an old beer advert as it looks staged.

Not sure what brand of beer it is but there are so many good Lithuanian beers to choose from


Švyturys Beer…………..from Klaipeda

Brewing beer is a community service

Kindadukish's Blog - I am not a number, I am a free man (The Prisoner)

As a regular beer drinker I am forever searching out “new beers” and in recent months have tasted beers from Cumbria, Yorkshire, Devon and Scotland.


Each has their own distinct taste and it is a pleasure to experience the differences in regional products.

On my numerous visits to Lithuania I have become a fan of Svyturys beers and until a little while ago could obtain one of these at Tesco here in Yorkshire. But alas, no more………they have disappeared from the shelves without any “rhyme or reason.”

I asked inside my local store but no one could offer any explanation for the disappearance other then “they have reviewed the beers we sell and cut down on the number.”



Anyway, all is not lost as a friend of mine has “sourced a supply” of the said beers and our supply arrived this last weekend.

Svyturis do a range of beers but I…

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It’s official. Brewing Beer is a vital community service

Mike the Psych's Blog

Just come across a story about an industrial dispute in Lithuania involving my favourite foreign beer Svyturys.

The Svyturys brewery in Klaipedawas founded in 1784 in what was then Prussia.

It is now owned by Carlsberg and the dispute arose about a year ago over wage demands and collective bargaining rights.

There was also a disagreement about whether or not a planned strike was legal.

The District Court in Klaipeda ruled that as the strike was being called in the middle of the peak brewing and beer drinking season it should be delayed for 30 days as beer production was “a vitally essential service”.

I don’t know if the dispute has been settled yet but I know Svyturys Ekstra has disappeared from the shelves in Tesco. Maybe they’ve fallen out with Carlsberg but I’m going back to Lithuania in April so I will have a chance to…

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