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Lithuanians behind charity scams in UK

As the web-site name says, I like Lithunia, so I despair every time I read about Lithuanians committing serious crimes in the UK. We’ve had an illegal vodka distillery (which exploded killing several people), gun-running, and a mobile telephone scam.

P1030256Today the Scottish Sunday Post exposed some charity scams run by East europeans viz Lithuanians and Poles.

The Lithuanians are:Mindaugas Okunis who runs Recycling Clothes Company Ltd claiming to raise money for Child Cancer Awarae, Asthma UK and Against Breast Cancer. His company has previously been fined and denied a licence because it only planned to hand over £75 from every £800 it made.

Raimondas Biguzas runs Intersecond Ltd. It claims to raise money for Heart UK, Colostomy Association and Lithuanian cancer charity Do Not Delay! He has been refused licences in three English counties after failing to specify how much it would donate ( legal requirement for these kind of charities).

He is also a director of four other companies including a clothing firm. He says he gives £100 a ton to good causes (most rag traders make £300 a tonne from clothes).

Audrius Stasiulevicius is sole director of Audasta Ltd which says it works with Woodlands Cancer Care, Rags 2 Riches 4 Schools, and KidsOut.

It gives just £50 a tonne to charities and in 2013 had its licence revoked  by a Welsh Council after giving just £12.50 from a collection worth £267.45.

The charities run by Polish directors i.e. Mega Company, Clothing Collection Assistance, and Clothing Collection Team Ltd are just as poor at passing on donations.

People assume that the clothes they donate will be going to charity shops but most are destined to be sold on in markets across the world

Many companies operating in the clothing collection business are acting illegally and without a licence. Some claim to be associated with well-Marque-1-white-300x259known charities when they are not.

If you receive a plastic charity bag it should have the Fundraising Standards Board’s Give with Confidence logo and also say how much the charity will donate per tonne.

This is not the first time Lithuanian “businessmen” have been implicated in charity scams. I first posted about this in 2012.


Lithuanians in Charity scams

Mike the Psych's Blog

The Sunday Times has uncovered a number of scams where gangs collect clothes from the public which are intended for charities but are actually sold at second-hand clothes shops or markets in Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine.

The clothes sell for about £900 per ton and charities such as The British Heart Foundation and The Tree of Hope estimate they are losing millions of pounds each year.

The Sunday Times investigators met with two Lithuanians, one called Algis and his boss Lenny Jurkonis, from the UK Clothing Caravan Ltd (which appears to be connected to SOS Clothes Ltd) based in Essex.

They were offered a 40 ft container full of clothes – which is about 24 tons, once a month. At £1,05 per kilo that would be over £300,000 per year. The Men also explained how they would fiddle the books so no-one knew exactly how…

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