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I like Lithuania – a visitor's point of view

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Coffee shops on every corner

p1030939The first thing I noticed in the centre of Vilnius and the Old Town was the abundance of coffee shops.

They are on every street corner, often opposite each other. Probably more coffee shops than churches.

A few years ago one opened in the Europa shopping centre, Double- Coffee I think it was called but it didn’t last. Times have changed.

p1000774When I lived in Kaunas for a while I got to like Vero Cafe which later arrived in Vilnius. It reminds me of Costa at home in the UK. The one at the end of Gedimino is still there which is where I went for my first cup.

p1030950I was asked if I wanted Brazilian or Indonesian coffee and I realised that they now sold Orang Utang organic coffee – just like the coffee they sell in my favourite coffee shop back home in Burnley Lancashire.

And there is now one at the bottom of Pilies g. near Bernardiniu g. en route to our hotel the Shakespeare.

I vaguely remembered that there used to be a nice wine bar in the vicinity and wondered if this was the same place. However they told me it hadn’t been a wine bar latterly.

Undaunted I went into the back room and checked out the vaulted ceiling – and it was the same place.p1030940

p1000849And there’s a Coffee Inn directly opposite, although I didn’t sample their coffee because of the long queue (was that a good sign or just poor service?).

If you walk towards Gedimino there is another where a bank used to be on the corner, opposite Vero Cafe.

p1000889Walk back and a little further up Pilies g. and there’s a coffee shop in the bookshop on the left with a nice wall display as a backdrop.

Vilnius isn’t short of good coffee shops that’s for sure. And wine bars too, but that’s another story.

PS Coffee is good for you


Mamma Mia in Vilnius

DSC01075A couple of years ago I bought a pair of felt boots in a shop on Stiklių  St in Vilnius.

The shop sold clothes, hats, and bags – all made from felt.

The hats and bags were amazing but the boots caught my eye as I had read about them in a magazine at home. So I bought a pair and when Winter came back in England they kept my feet as warm as toast as we Brits say.

The next year I went back planning to buy a pair for my partner but the shop had gone to be replaced by a delicatessen and coffee shop called Mamma Mia.

DSC01089I went in to have a look around and have a cup of coffee. The decor was modern and the staff welcoming and there was a wonderful selection of food and gifts and a good selection of wine.DSC01090

Unfortunately you could only by the wine by the bottle, until now.

I went back in June and chatting to Lainona (who owns the business with Martynas and who  you can just see in the bottom photograph) discovered they had got their licence to serve wine by the glass just that week.DSC01083

That was very welcome news as there’s nothing nicer than a glass of Sauvignon Blanc on a hot Summer’s day. This is definitely on my list of places to drop into on my next visit.