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FC Bradford City, FK Atlantas and the “missing” Lithuanian fans………………..

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125px-Bradford_City_AFCI was having a large espresso this morning and reading “99 Stories About Klaipeda” by Vygantas Vareikis* (excellent book if thou are interested in Lithuania and particularly the history of Klaipeda) when I came across a page about football in the city and read the following “nevertheless, the main team of Klaipeda sailed to deeper waters, and met Moscow Spartak and FC Bradford City – teams that earlier could be seen in the stadiums of Klaipeda only in a dream.”

As I live only a few miles from Bradford I was quite fascinated by this statement as I had no idea that the football team had played in any European competitions let alone travelled as far afield as Lithuania.


After a little research I found an article about the match between FC Bradford City and FC Atlantis (Isaiah Rankin entered the Bradford City history books on Sunday 2 July 2000…

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