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Art on the streets of Vilnius

I’ve posted before about graffiti which is a form of vandalism in my opinion. Admittedly occasionally there is something which suggests some artistic skill. p1000795

There are also promotional pieces such as these at the Arts House on Šiltadaržio g. p1000809 p1000808

On Literatu g. there is a whole range of art of course.

This open-air gallery has been there for a number of years and each time I visit it has added new pieces.

There’s always something to see on the streets of Vilnius.

p1000784p1000787p1000786 p1000787p1000785

Graffiti still an eyesore in Vilnius

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Since my last visit 2 years ago the graffiti in Vilnius seems to have got worse. Side streets off Pilies street in the old town are particular target areas.p1000848 p1000806 p1000799 p1000758 p1000757 p1000756 p1000755 p1000754

One or two look like they have some artistic merit but the majority are just tags. And some are dated 2015 which suggests they’ve been there at least a year.

Surely someone sees people doing it. Does no-one care? It certainly hasn’t improved since last time I posted about it.


Graffiti – sheer vandalism & nothing artistic about it

Graffiti seems to be the scourge of modern cities.DSC00038

Bernardiniu street which runs off the bottom end of  Pilies street in the old town seems particularly susceptible to the work of these vandals (who have also broken off the teapots fastened to the wall at the shop on the corner of these two streets).DSC00041 DSC00040 DSC00039

Other street also suffer from this vandalism.

What amazes me is how nobody sees anyone doing it? Most are scribbles (I think they call them tags and that’s what they should be wearing) but some will have have taken quite a long time to do.

The Vilnius authorities deserve credit for painting over these from time to time as you can see but it must be a thankless task.

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A girl’s prayer

This was on the wall outside the catholic building at the bottom of Šnipiškiu g. opposite the green bridge for quite a while.

I tried to translate this and asked my Lithuanian friends for help but it doesn’t quite make sense. It was either written incorrectly or used slang. But I liked it. Eventually it was defaced and now it’s been removed completely.