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Vilnius……..happiest residents in Europe

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Ninety-eight percent of residents of Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, were satisfied with life in their city in an EU survey taken last year, closely followed by Stockholm and Copenhagen at 97 percent each. The lowest satisfaction among EU capitals was in Athens at 71 percent, below Rome at 80 percent.

As a regular visitor to the city for the last 10 years I can confirm that it is a lovely city with a “home town” atmosphere about it. I still conducer it one of the undiscovered beauty spots of European cities.

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Happy seats lose sponsorship

When I first saw these seats on Gedimino Avenue they were bright yellow; then they were covered in sponsors’ labels and painted a mix of bright colours. Now they are just bright red. Are they happier now?DSC00200

And then a couple of days later I saw these brightly covered seats on the lower terrace at the VCup shopping centre on Konstitucijos pr.. Vilnius seems to like happy seats.DSC00341