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Autism “locked in” stunt backfires

Looks like a Lithuanian women acted to get stunt cancelled. Good for her!

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The Caudwell Children Charity (founded by phone millionaire John Caudwell) has abandoned its “Locked in for Autism” stunt after criticism from people on an online petition which said that it was offensive to suggest that’s how people with an autistic spectrum disorder had to live their lives.

Alexis Ragaliauskas has autism and set up the petition saying “It’s very dehumanising and insulting. Caudwell Children need to get with the times. They are saying autism is like being trapped in a box which is offensive – quite a lot of autistic people throughout history have been restrained and put in boxes”.

Tesco is a big supporter of such causes and a member of staff at the Burnley branch volunteered to stay in the glass box for 50 hours (see my post).

Tesco has now withdrawn its support for the stunt. Whether because of the petition or perhaps the…

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Are Lithuanians really the fattest people in former soviet republics?

I’m finding this really hard to believe having seen so many slender women – often in unbelievably tight jeans. But the facts don’t lie do they (lies, damned lies and statistics)?13007231_10153801583178612_517031285879574138_n

Must be eating cepolini (I know I’m not supposed to call them that any more but I’m still in shock at this news).

And if you don’t believe me about the women here’s the evidence on youtube from a social psychology experiment I carried out in Vilnius a few years ago.