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Discovery of secret tunnel at Ponar, Vilnius, Lithuania

Amazing story, thanks for the blog

Kindadukish's Blog - I am not a number, I am a free man (The Prisoner)

Ponary_June-July_1941.jpg Jews awaiting execution at Ponar, Lithuania (July 1941)

A tunnel in Lithuania used by Jews to escape the Nazis during World War II has been uncovered by an international research team. The Israel Antiquities Authority announced the discovery on Wednesday in a statement.

The tunnel used by the prisoners of Ponar to escape from the Nazis was located using the new technology Electric Resistivity Tomography. The 100-foot-long tunnel at the Ponar forest massacre site near Vilnius has been located through the joint efforts of the Israel Antiquities Authority, University of Hartford, Advisian, Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum and the PBS Series NOVA.

Some 100,00 people, of whom 70,000 were Jews from Vilna and the surrounding area, were massacred and thrown into pits in the Ponar forest near the Lithuanian capital during World War II. With the retreat of the German forces on the eastern front and the advance of the Red Army…

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The Japanese Schindler in Lithuania

The story of Japanese Consul Chiune Sugihara has already been told. I took these photographs in 2008 at the museum in Kaunas his memory.







We were taken there as part of our Language and Culture Summer School activities.

On the same day we also visited the 9th Fort which played a key role in Hitler’s programme to wipe out jews across Europe.