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A Lithuanian folk song for Christmas

Sigita, my Lithuanian language teacher at Vytautas Magnus University (VDU) in Kaunas, sent me this at Christmas a couple of years ago before I started this blog. She just got back in touch with me after extensive travelling and it reminded me of this song she sent me.

So now I want to share it again with you, my Lithuanian friends and colleagues and followers of my blog. It’s a song from the Dzukija region performed by a collaboration between Donis and Kūlgrinda.

Donis is a Lithuanian ambient, neofolk and experimental music project created by the Klaipėda multi-instrumentalist Donatas Bielkauskas.

Kūlgrinda is a neofolk/pagan folk band from Vilnius, Lithuania, established in 1990 by Inja and Jonas Trinkūnas. The band owes its name to kūlgrinda – a secret Samogitian underwater causeway.

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FC Bradford City, FK Atlantas and the “missing” Lithuanian fans………………..

Kindadukish's Blog - I am not a number, I am a free man (The Prisoner)

125px-Bradford_City_AFCI was having a large espresso this morning and reading “99 Stories About Klaipeda” by Vygantas Vareikis* (excellent book if thou are interested in Lithuania and particularly the history of Klaipeda) when I came across a page about football in the city and read the following “nevertheless, the main team of Klaipeda sailed to deeper waters, and met Moscow Spartak and FC Bradford City – teams that earlier could be seen in the stadiums of Klaipeda only in a dream.”

As I live only a few miles from Bradford I was quite fascinated by this statement as I had no idea that the football team had played in any European competitions let alone travelled as far afield as Lithuania.


After a little research I found an article about the match between FC Bradford City and FC Atlantis (Isaiah Rankin entered the Bradford City history books on Sunday 2 July 2000…

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Švyturys Beer…………..from Klaipeda

Brewing beer is a community service

Kindadukish's Blog - I am not a number, I am a free man (The Prisoner)

As a regular beer drinker I am forever searching out “new beers” and in recent months have tasted beers from Cumbria, Yorkshire, Devon and Scotland.


Each has their own distinct taste and it is a pleasure to experience the differences in regional products.

On my numerous visits to Lithuania I have become a fan of Svyturys beers and until a little while ago could obtain one of these at Tesco here in Yorkshire. But alas, no more………they have disappeared from the shelves without any “rhyme or reason.”

I asked inside my local store but no one could offer any explanation for the disappearance other then “they have reviewed the beers we sell and cut down on the number.”



Anyway, all is not lost as a friend of mine has “sourced a supply” of the said beers and our supply arrived this last weekend.

Svyturis do a range of beers but I…

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It’s official. Brewing Beer is a vital community service

Mike the Psych's Blog

Just come across a story about an industrial dispute in Lithuania involving my favourite foreign beer Svyturys.

The Svyturys brewery in Klaipedawas founded in 1784 in what was then Prussia.

It is now owned by Carlsberg and the dispute arose about a year ago over wage demands and collective bargaining rights.

There was also a disagreement about whether or not a planned strike was legal.

The District Court in Klaipeda ruled that as the strike was being called in the middle of the peak brewing and beer drinking season it should be delayed for 30 days as beer production was “a vitally essential service”.

I don’t know if the dispute has been settled yet but I know Svyturys Ekstra has disappeared from the shelves in Tesco. Maybe they’ve fallen out with Carlsberg but I’m going back to Lithuania in April so I will have a chance to…

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