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Sorry, I don’t speak Lithuanian.

hello vilnius

So you’re coming to Lithuania and you don’t know the language. Well, you should be fine as long as you speak either Russian, Polish or English and provided you stay in Vilnius for the pleasures and comfort of English (the further from the capital, the less chance there is).

From my modest experience, Russian is always your best bet. In my everyday encounters with all sorts of linguistically unidentified individuals, I don’t even ask any more and try my luck in Russian directly. The vast majority of Lithuanians, both young and old, speak it to some degree, the probability decreasing with age.

The same goes for Polish, although you will often be surprised to meet young people speaking very good Polish. Don’t expect it to be the standard Polish though, Poles living in Lithuania speak the Northern Kresy dialect, perfectly understandable but with some major differences in pronunciation and vocabulary…

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Turkish Delight – memories of Summer School in Kaunas

Those 5 weeks I lived and studied in Kaunas were memorable for many reasons not least the diversity of the students, mostly on Erasmus programmes.

The two Turkish agricultural management students enlivened the International party with their dancing skills.

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Now what’s Lithuanian for another bottle of Gran Coronas………………….

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I observed this gentleman at a restaurant in Vilnius, he seemed to be brushing up on his Lithuanian whilst indulging himself in a very fine steak and a bottle of Miguel Torres excellent Gran Coronas red wine. Obviously a man of erudition and taste……………and most certainly English!

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Fond memories of the Lithuanian language Summer school in Kaunas

This is a blast from the past.  I’ve just had an e-mail from Greg, a fellow student at the VDU Summer School with me in 2008 (there were just fourof us who had English as our native language). Greg is an American who later married a lovely Lithuaniuan lady and now lives in Kaunas (their story deserves a blog post in itself).

Anyway he’d dug out a video onYouTube that was made during our Summer School featuring trips to Druskininkai and Grutas Park and our wonderful International Party where we enjoyed food from all the countries represented on the course and some traditional Lithuanian dancing (I’m in there somewhere with my own video camera).