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Russia’s not-so-intelligence service – spies “R” us

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What do you do when you graduate from school having been trained in espionage and the black arts, learning how to break into foreigners’ homes and intimidate diplomats?

Well you celebrate by hiring a fleet of mercedes cars, drive round Moscow in a motorcade, and post your videos, pictures, and names on social media.


Old school FSB officers (for that read former KGB) are furious. Major-general Alexander Mikhalov, says it’s treason and that the graduates are betraying their motherland .

One of the graduates is quoted as saying that if the’d hired Volgas instead of mercs it would have been OK and no-one would have complained.

If they aren’t court-martialled or sacked they can probably look forward to a career checking passports in Siberia or on the front-line in Syria or Ukraine or wherever Putin is fighting his dirty little wars.

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