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Boff gives Markus a run for its money in the steak stakes

P1010267Last time I was in Vilnius in June I heard there was a new steak house worth visiting. As you may know my favourite steak house is Markus ir Ko on M. Antokolskio g. just off Stiklių g. so I had to compare.

The new place is called böff. The name is a play on words. It’s obviously not a Lithuanian name as it contains an umlaut but if you pronounce it as a German word it sounds like boeuf, the french word for beef.

Anyway enough of the wordplay what is it like? It’s across the river from the Cathedral on Olimpiečių 1 and you can see it from the castle. Just look across the river for two large boulders and there it is.DSC01291

As it was a Friday evening I’d booked in advance which was just as well as it was pretty full and they were turning people away.

P1010261I had a table near the front of the restaurant which is basically a big square room with a mixture of table sizes for couples and larger groups.

The staff were very attentive and spoke good English so a good start.

P1010257As was the tray of breads and olives they gave me to whet my appetite.

P1010256The menu wasn’t huge but it covered everything you might need in a steakhouse and they had a decent wine selection.


I decided to start with a salmon wrap – a bit unusual for me . I’m not a big fan of wraps but it was was OK.

P1010262I followed that with an Angus fillet steak, medium rare,  with fries and green beans.

They offered me a sauce with the steak which I thought I’d try but it wasn’t spicy or peppery enough for my taste.

But the steak was really great as was the Malbec wine.

P1010266What more could you want? Well in my case a dish of ice cream to finish. I do like Lithuanian ice cream.

The whole meal cost me 139 Litas which I thought was good value for money by UK standards  ( I just paid 230 Litas for a similar meal in Birmingham, England). The service was very good especially considering how busy it was.

I’ll recommend it my colleague who is visiting next month and get his opinion.

Is it better than Markus? Well I think the steaks are equally as good judging by my one visit to böff and the service is better than at Markus.

But for all that I think I’ll stick to Markus. The fillet mignon there is wonderful (and so big we’ve had to downsize to the medium serving. Markus does generous portions). And despite the rudimentary level of customer service it has a good atmosphere especially when the jazz pianists are performing.

At  böff it’s noisy but for me there is no atmosphere as everyone is in one big room and I prefer something with  a bit more character like Markus or La Boheme.

Markus ir Ko is also close to Stiklių g. and the wine bar Notre Vie is just on the corner opposite, ideal for a nightcap to round off the night.


Veggies beware – meat lovers only

Tucking in to my fillet mignon at a great steak house, Markus ir Ko,  in Vilnius, Lithuania, I overheard  a woman complaining in French to her partner that there were no vegetarian options on the menu.

His response? “Tough – this is the best steak house in town and we’re only here one night!”

It turned out that they were French Canadians on a whistle stop tour of the Baltics.

On one of my next visits I spotted this sign in Vilnius.


There’d be no such misunderstandings there!