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I like Lithuania – a visitor's point of view

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Craft Beer taking over the world?

Before I returned to Vilnius after a two-year gap my colleague Terry warned me that our hotel, The Shakespeare,  had changed its draught beer. He discovered on his solo trip last year that there was no more Svyturys Extra! He was not a happy man.

p1030981When we arrived this time I ordered a glass of the new beer, Raudonu Plytu (Red Bricks), and it wasn’t bad.

p1040011-1Interesting brick shaped beer mat with a whimsical; reference to the “hops wanting to do their best for you” on the back.

Turns out it’s brewed in Klaipeda at the Lighthouse brewery owned by Carlsberg. (NB Lighthouse = Svyturys). And the hotel still has Svyturys Baltas in bottles, which we also like, so not a totally lost cause.

Later in the week we went to our favourite steakhouse, Markus ir Ko, where they didn’t previously serve Svyturys, and we were also served with the Red Brick beer.

p1030972p1030970And wandering around town one of our previous haunts,the beer restaurant on Gedimino pr., which has changed names a couple of times, is now advertising itself as a craft beer venue.

Back home in my local Tesco there is now a range of craft beers, including one from America, which is surprisingly good (as I tend to think of American beer as watery and weak). I’ve tried a couple of them starting with the American Goose 312 wheat beer and the IPA and have just bought some to pass on to my colleague Terry.p1040033

p1040009-1We still like our Lithuanian beer when we can get it – often by circuitous routes and Polish shops.

Time for a bottle I think!


On the water in Trakai

DSCN1077This is about the first sight you see of the castle in Trakai when you get off the bus.

DSCN1025This was 2012 and my third trip there so after nourishing ourselves on soup, kibinai and a beer we hired a boat for a row round the lake.

DSCN1057DSCN1054The shots below show some of the bigger craft by the entrance to the castle, the one that looks like a paddle boat sponsored by our favourite beer – Švyturys.


Švyturys Beer…………..from Klaipeda

Brewing beer is a community service

Kindadukish's Blog - I am not a number, I am a free man (The Prisoner)

As a regular beer drinker I am forever searching out “new beers” and in recent months have tasted beers from Cumbria, Yorkshire, Devon and Scotland.


Each has their own distinct taste and it is a pleasure to experience the differences in regional products.

On my numerous visits to Lithuania I have become a fan of Svyturys beers and until a little while ago could obtain one of these at Tesco here in Yorkshire. But alas, no more………they have disappeared from the shelves without any “rhyme or reason.”

I asked inside my local store but no one could offer any explanation for the disappearance other then “they have reviewed the beers we sell and cut down on the number.”



Anyway, all is not lost as a friend of mine has “sourced a supply” of the said beers and our supply arrived this last weekend.

Svyturis do a range of beers but I…

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It’s official. Brewing Beer is a vital community service

Mike the Psych's Blog

Just come across a story about an industrial dispute in Lithuania involving my favourite foreign beer Svyturys.

The Svyturys brewery in Klaipedawas founded in 1784 in what was then Prussia.

It is now owned by Carlsberg and the dispute arose about a year ago over wage demands and collective bargaining rights.

There was also a disagreement about whether or not a planned strike was legal.

The District Court in Klaipeda ruled that as the strike was being called in the middle of the peak brewing and beer drinking season it should be delayed for 30 days as beer production was “a vitally essential service”.

I don’t know if the dispute has been settled yet but I know Svyturys Ekstra has disappeared from the shelves in Tesco. Maybe they’ve fallen out with Carlsberg but I’m going back to Lithuania in April so I will have a chance to…

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Cornish pasties get protected status

Mike the Psych's Blog

Cornish pasties have now got protected status under the EU Protected Geographical Indication rules which lay down the composition and appearance of this working man’s delicacy. So, just like Cornish clotted cream, Cornish pasties can only be made in Cornwall.

There are 40 or so British food products similarly protected but we are way behind the French and Italians in this regard.

It is estimated that 87 million pasties are produced every year. From mid-March, when their protected status comes into force, they must have fillings of beef, potato, onions and swede, a light seasoning and no additives or preservatives. They are cooked in a semi-circular shape with a crimped edge and glazed with milk or eggs to give it that golden brown colour.

The pasty was ideal for the miners as it was a self-contained meal which they could easily carry. There are claims that they have found remains…

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