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Sculptures everywhere in Lithuania

Maybe my eye is drawn to them or perhaps Lithuanians love statues, but there are plenty to see – even ones in Vilnius that talk to you! (I haven’t included the shop signs I posted about earlier).

First are a couple of my favourites in very contrasting styles: The Easter Island like statues of the Three Kings (there is no engraving on the statues to indicate a name or who sculpted them) near the cathedral on the walk down to the river and the Green Bridge and the animated orator as you turn right at the top end of  Pilies g. near the back entrance to the university and the bell tower on Šv Jono g.


The others are mostly from Vilnius with some from Kaunas and Druskininkai.



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We Three Kings?

CNV00006_3I was intrigued when I saw these statues on my first  visit to Vilnius in 2005. They looked almost polynesian and I couldn’t see any engraving to say what they were.

If you walk round the front of the cathedral, away from the square along T Vrublevskio g. heading towards the National Museum you will bump into them on your right. If you look closely you can see the building work on the Palace of The Grand Dukes behind them.

The second photograph (taken this Summer) shows a different view with the museum in the background and the statue of King Mindaugas.

There are three of them and Lithuania’s a predominantly catholic country so I’m guessing they are the three Kings celebrated on Epiphany in January.

I was once in Vienna on Three Kings Day and discovered that all the shops were closed and there were hordes of children dressed up as the kings or wise men.