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I like Lithuania – a visitor's point of view

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The castle in Vilnius is always worth a visit

I’ve visited the castle several times to see its interior exhibitions as well as admire the views from the top.

Last time I went I had a quick look inside to see if there was anything new (there wasn’t but they could do with an English-speaking guide or a translated brochure). Then I wandered around outside and admired the views of the Three Crosses, the river Neris and views over the city from Gediminas’s Tower.

Again I was reminded how green this city really is. You don’t have to walk far from the city centre to find a park.

Last time I posted I remarked on how the trees on the outskirts of the castle had been removed. Presumably a nod to historical accuracy. They also removed the pantiled  roof from the building at the side of the tower, presumably for the same reason.

You can see both these features in a photo (above) I shot on one of my earlier visits in 2013.

A year later they had stripped the trees, re-turfed the hillside and removed the roofing tiles and shelter roof (See Here).

So here are my latest pictures – in no particular order – taken in and around the castle.

Old Town Vilnius

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All these places I know so well. I can’t wait to get back there in 2015

Lost Postcards

My first four days in Lithuania were spent visiting my in-laws at their home in a small town called Alytus. Despite the fact that Lithuania has a lot of natural beauty (Alytus being no exception) with many lakes and forests — it is in stark contrast to the lifeless cement buildings that fill the towns.  Unfortunately, these depressing grey buildings are left over from the Soviet era and are common in Lithuania. It wasn’t until we left for Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, did I truly realize just how grey the town was.

It took over an hour to drive from Alytus to Vilnius and I had fallen asleep on the way there. When I woke – all I could see were vivid red, pink and orange buildings everywhere.  Buildings in so many different styles, gothic, baroque, neo-classic lined up the banks of the two rivers (the Vilnia and the Neris) that…

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Vilnius – a beautiful city of contrasts

I’be blogged before about the contrasting sights you can see in Vilnius both buildings and people.

DSC00923This is the view you can see from the viewing point on, I think, Subačiaus g. You come past it on your way from the airport or train station and you can stop for a coffee and take in the panoramic view of the city, just like these ‘tourists” keen to get in the picture!

What I like about this picture, taken by my colleague on his new Nikon camera (and who blogs as Kindadukish) is that you can see the mix of modern houses, the old church, the castle, the trees, and the high-rise business buildings. A cross-section of the history of the city.DSCN0002_2

This was taken early in 2012 and the landscape has changed already. The trees on the castle slopes had already been removed but the roof is still on the building to the right of  Gediminas’s tower and if you could see down to the River Neris beyond the castle you would see more cranes as building work continues in the business district, already much developed since my first trip to Lithuania in 2005.


The green, green, grass of home

On my last trip they were re-turfing the mound on which Gediminas’s Tower is built. That’s now finished as you can see from this photograph although they are still doing some work on the masonry at the base of the tower.DSC00004

Later taking a long shot from the bank of the River Neris across the Vytautas the Great bridge (with my new toy, a Sony 50x camera) something looked different. I thought perhaps they were renovating the rest of the castle on the left of the picture.DSC00162

It was only when I got home and compared the photograph with one I’d taken the previous June from the same vantage point that I realised that they had taken off the roof and roof tiles. They’d also removed the canopy to the right of the funicular.P1010251

Are they rebuilding it or making it look more authentic? I guess I’ll have to wait for my next visit to be certain.

I didn’t visit the castle on this trip but it’s always well worth it if only to get good views across the city.


Just like going home………………..Vilnius!

This is the view in July 2013 after they had de-forested the slopes around the castle and were re-laying turf

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Vilnius Castle Vilnius Castle

My colleague and I are returning to Vilnius in Lithuania to do some work at Vilnius University next week. My last visit was about 5 months ago but he has not been for over twelve months, so it will be good to see the city again, all our friends and colleagues as well as re-acquaint ourselves with the various Svyturys beers!

© Photo courtesy of MS Guttridge

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