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I like Lithuania – a visitor's point of view


Church of the Apparition of the Holy Mother of God [Znamenskaya]

CNV00014_5I took this photo across the River Neris in 2005 on my first visit to Vilnius.
I’d walked down Gediminas Ave to the Parliament building (Seimas) and there it was over the Žvėrynas bridge.


I was a little surprised to see such a beautiful example of Eastern Orthodox architecture in a catholic country like Lithuania.

It was also very different from the orthodox churches I’ve seen Ukraine and everything in the church is written in Old Church Slavonic, which is different from the cyrillic alphabet.
The church was fully restored inside and out in 2009 although when I took the second photograph in September 2009, which shows the new entrance with signs in Russian and Lithuanian on either side, there was still work being completed.